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Aging Optional: A Revolution in Cosmetic Dentistry

As we age, we lose fullness and support in the tissues of our face and neck. Gravity takes its toll, and in addition to sagging skin, wrinkling and furrowing can start to set in. Fillers like Juvederm® and Botox® can certainly help to restore a youthful look, a facelift can take years off of your appearance and everyday it seems there are new aesthetic procedures on the market that promise to erase the effects of time.

But before you opt to go the plastic route, you need to know all your options. Thanks to an approach pioneered and perfected by Dr. Maddahi, cosmetic dental work is now a highly effective and serious option for those in pursuit of lasting youth. He calls this approach Anti-Aging Dentistry.

The Anti-Aging Dentistry Approach

Anti-Aging Dentistry

A full set of properly placed teeth can restore the planes of one’s face, eliminating wrinkles and reshaping cheeks and lips, but it takes a skilled and experienced dentist to accomplish such things.

An in-depth understanding of the internal structures of the human face and an aesthetic insight gained over a twenty-five year career as a Beverly Hills dentist, have helped Dr. Maddahi to develop this unique approach to reversing the aging process.

By making subtle corrections to misaligned teeth or widening one’s arch, Dr. Maddahi is able to restore the mouth to it’s proper form. What makes his results truly incredible is how these changes can affect the exterior appearance of the face -- quite literally washing the years away.

While Dr. Maddahi has perfected the more subtle methods of anti-aging dentistry many patients are shocked to see how much younger they appear as a result of receiving, veneers, implants or crowns. A new set of full, fresh, white teeth, can produce miraculously youthful-looking results but they must look natural, fit your face and simply look like they were always there. It’s the ability to create these types of illusions that makes Dr. Maddahi a true master of Anti-Aging Dentistry.

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Turning Back Time: Dr. Maddahi’s Anti-Aging Makeovers

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A Hopeless case

Kim came to Dr. Maddahi feeling hopeless. She had consulted three other dentists, all of whom had told her that her teeth had deteriorated to such a degree that they could not be saved. Kim was facing the possibility of full dentures to replace fullness of the smile. That fullness can sometimes only be restored with a combination of braces and veneers. In many cases, however,Dr. Maddahi has restored smiles, such as this one, in just two visits using veneers.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

In order to complete Kim’s Anti-Aging Makeover, Dr. Maddahi asked her to bring him a photograph of her best smile from a younger age. The photograph helped Dr. Maddahi plan the exact reconstruction of Kim’s teeth that would be necessary to restore the beauty and shape of her face as well as her teeth.

Her smile, and she was only in her 40’s. Kim was overjoyed when Dr. Maddahi told her that he could restore her smile using crowns and a permanent bridge. She says, “I was overwhelmed by how much he cared. It was life-changing.”Kim’s restoration, which included removal of decay and older dental work, the addition of multiple porcelain crowns, and a permanently-anchored bridge to restore some missing teeth, only took three weeks. Her resulting smile bears a remarkable resemblance to her high school graduation photo, which she gave to Dr. Maddahi to use as a model. The transformation is obvious and stunning, and the resultant look is both lovely and natural. In fact, looking at Kim now, it’s hard to believe that she ever had such severe dental problems. That is exactly what Kourosh Maddahi intended when he began Kim’s treatment.

One week later she looked ten years younger

When Marie came to Dr. Maddahi for cosmetic dentistry, she was very definite about what she wanted: “I had gotten a couple of front veneers several years ago, and I was not happy with them. Dr. Maddahi was very highly recommended, and I just wanted him to replace them with new veneers that would be a better color.”

Anti-Aging Dentistry

After examination, Dr. Maddahi recommended that Marie get four veneers, rather than two, to make sure that they looked natural. She agreed, and together they picked the color of veneer that would be a better and more natural match for the rest of her smile. Then Dr. Maddahi suggested that they take the opportunity to make just a few more dental corrections, and take years off of her smile. Marie was skeptical. Sure, her teeth did seem more crowded now than they had when she was younger, and she knew that her back teeth weren’t in perfect shape. But how could more dental work make her look younger?

The changes, Dr. Maddahi explained, would be in the shape and size of her teeth, not just their color. By expanding the arch of her jaw and lifting her teeth just a bit, he could improve the structure of her face.

Color, size & shape – key components of a successful Anti-Aging Makeover

If you’ve ever lived with a smile that you were embarrassed to let other’s see, you know that it is sometimes most desirable to obtain a look that people simply don’t notice it right away. Subtle, natural looking adjustments to your smile can make you look younger and more attractive without calling undue attention to your mouth or making you look like someone else. Dr. Maddahi’s patients often tell him that their favorite compliments are those times when a people say “Something is different,” or “Did you change your hairstyle?” without realizing it’s their teeth that have changed.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

Almost everyone has one or more imperfections in their individual teeth, but when you step back and view it as a whole, it’s the smile that counts. When you have teeth that are yellow or brown, worn down or crooked, it pulls the attention to your teeth and can instantly add 5-10 years to your appearance.

This is a recent anti-aging makeover from Dr. Maddahi. In this case the teeth were lengthened after having been worn down severely. They were restored to their natural whiteness and evened out to follow the lower lip line. Expanding the bite also slimmed her cheeks slightly which contributes to the more youthful look.

Celebrity Smile

Cheek support lessens as we age. Especially if you begin with a somewhat narrow jaw, lines can develop, and your face can wind up looking hollowed. Widening the jaw’s arch can make all the difference. The beautiful, youthful smiles we associate with celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Halle Berry come from the fullness of the smile. That fullness can sometimes only be restored with a combination of braces and veneers. In many cases, however, Dr. Maddahi has restored smiles, such as this one, in just two visits using veneers.

Anti-Aging Dentistry V.S. Facial Fillers

Botox and other fillers can restore plumpness to your face, but apart from being temporary they can’t always correct the things that you want to have fixed. Sometimes you need to go deeper in order to get the desired result. In this example a patient came to Dr. Maddahi with a specific problem she wanted resolved: her lips were uneven, and she hadn’t been able to get them to have a symmetrical appearance.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

The patient had tried injectables, but the results had been both unsatisfactory and temporary. By examining the patient’s bite and smile, Dr. Maddahi was able to see why her lips appeared to be uneven.“The teeth on the upper right side of her mouth were angled slightly inward,” says Maddahi. “That angle caused her lip to curl on the right. It wouldn’t matter what sort of filler was used—until we corrected the teeth so that they were even, her smile would never balance. So I balanced her smile using porcelain veneers.” “Now she has a bright, white, even smile,” says Maddahi. “And her lips are evened out. Permanently.”

This is just one example of how anti-aging dentistry can help to bring about aesthetic results that simply can’t be accomplished with conventional cosmetic procedures.

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