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Restorative Dentistry Beverly Hills

Repair Your Smile, Restore Your Health – Complete Dental Restoration

Teeth that are broken missing or severely decayed often require more than cosmetic dentistry procedures. Such issues call for reconstruction from a qualified dental restoration specialist. With a state-of-the-art facility and decades of experience, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi is equipped to handle everything from minor to complex restorations and everything in between. Using cutting-edge technology and the highest quality implants, crowns and bridges, there is virtually nothing Dr. Maddahi can’t do with your smile.

The Maddahi Difference: Rapid & Comfortable Restorations

Often people put off dental work because they feel their teeth are beyond repair or because they have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past. Unfortunately this procrastination can only lead to further dental problems and even general health issues.

Dr. Maddahi has extensive experience helping patients to restore their teeth to full health and function, in a manner that is rapid and comfortable. With over two and a half decades as a practicing Beverly Hills dentist, he has seen and treated every possible type of dental issue. Whether you are dealing with missing, broken or cracked teeth, serious tooth decay or have suffered an injury to your mouth or jaw, Dr. Maddahi has the cosmetic and restorative expertise to make your smile beautiful and function perfectly once again.

Dr. Maddahi’s patients tend to be busy people – Executives, celebrities and people who simply can’t afford spend weeks or months out of commission while they wait for their dental work to be finished. That’s why he has structured his office to provide care in a manner that is convenient for his patients and conforms to their schedules and their desires.

Dr. Maddahi’s office is the only place where a patient can arrive on a Monday and by week’s end enjoy a fully reconstructed smile. In some cases, he can complete restorative work in a few short days.

By achieving predictably beautiful results in half the time other dentists require, Dr. Maddahi has earned himself a reputation as a top Beverly Hill dentist.

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Treatment that is tailored to you: Dr. Maddahi’s 41-Point Examination

Dr. Maddahi has a wide range of dental procedures and treatment methods at his disposal, but not all are suitable for every patient. Over his 25-year career as a top Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Maddahi has learned that each patient is different and proper treatment requires an in-depth analysis and a case-by-case approach.

As part of your initial consultation with Dr. Maddahi, your will receive a thorough 41-point examination. After this exam Dr. Maddahi will explain your options and work with you to design a treatment plan you are comfortable with and that is fully tailored to you.

“I never make treatment recommendations based on what is easiest or to just deliver temporary results,” says Dr. Maddahi. “I always treat the patient in front of me and make sure to consider what is best for them.” By using the appropriate combination of dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures and gum treatment procedures, Dr. Maddahi consistently delivers beautiful, long lasting results that leave his clients raving for years to come.

Experience the best in modern day dental technology

Dr. Maddahi takes great care to make restorative dental work precise, painless and comfortable for his patients. With a full suite of cutting-edge dental technology at his disposal he is able to do just that. Further, he uses an exclusive world-class lab that creates dental restorations to his precise specifications, from the highest-quality dental materials available. This allows him to guarantee his patients results that look and feel perfectly natural and that, most importantly, will last.

Dental Reconstruction Before & Afters

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Call Today & Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation: 888-310-6771

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“I was looking for the best dentist in the world and I found Dr. Maddahi”

Artist. Craftsman. Wizard. Genius. These are the words you’ll hear when you ask Dr. Kourosh Maddahi’s patients to describe him. Most will admit that they wouldn’t normally use these kinds of terms to describe their dentist, but they insist that in Maddahi’s cause such praise is truly merited.

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The Maddahi Guarantee

Dr. Maddahi offers a unique one-year guarantee on all crowns and veneers. This means you’ll have the chance to live with your new teeth for twelve whole months, to make sure they’re perfect, and you won’t have to worry about getting costly changes or repairs if for any reason you are unhappy with them.