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Mercury Removal Beverly Hills

Mercury/Amalgam Removal with IAOMT

If you have any mercury based dental fillings in your teeth, you have more than likely caught wind of the growing concern over the potential health risks these substances can pose.

Dental amalgam is a metal substance made of silver and mercury and commonly used in dental fillings. Over time amalgam fillings can break down, slowly releasing mercury into the body, which builds up over time.

While there are still some conflicting views regarding how much of a health risk mercury can pose in such small quantities, the body of evidence has become overwhelming. It is now widely accepted by many in the medical and dental community that amalgam fillings can have detrimental affects on one’s health and should be removed.

Properly trained in Safe Mercury Removal

If you are considering mercury-filling removal, it is important to seek out a dentist who has been properly trained in the safe extraction of toxic dental materials. Dr. Maddahi and his staff have undergone extensive training and specialize in safe, comfortable mercury filling removal in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Maddahi is an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT). As such, he is well qualified to perform amalgam removals and other holistic dentistry procedures.

An IAMOT dentist:

  • Is educated in modern techniques for proper mercury removal.
  • Networks with like-minded professionals & stays current with the latest research.
  • Can attend scientific symposia twice annually.
  • Works in conjunction with physicians knowledgeable in testing for & detoxifying mercury

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More about Silver-Mercury Amalgams

Did you know that mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on earth? Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that the “silver” amalgam commonly used in dental fillings is actually composed of 50% mercury (an amalgam by definition is an alloy of mercury and another substance). This alloy originally became favored in dentistry for its durability and affordability. Today, we know much about the health risks of mercury than we did in the past. Despite this millions of silver-mercury fillings are still placed each year.

Much research and study has been conducted on the subject, yielding alarming results. These studies have classified mercury as a poisonous substance, which can cause adverse effects upon the digestive, immune, respiratory, urinary and cardiac systems. There have also been tests demonstrating that mercury – under certain conditions – is capable of producing brain cell deterioration identical to that seen in Alzheimer’s patients.

Alternatives to dental amalgams

Believe it or not there are actually thousands of different materials that can be used in dental fillings. Apart from being much safer than mercury fillings, many of these alternative materials can be made to match the color of your natural teeth. As a result, fillings made of these substance are much more attractive looking.

While there are many good filler options available today, it is important to know that silver-mercury amalgam is not the only filler substance that can cause health issues. There are many other dental materials that, for some patients, can cause respiratory difficulties, headaches and other physical issues.

As a specialist in Biocompatible Dentistry, Dr. Maddahi can do blood work and other testing to identify which materials are compatible with your body and which may cause adverse reactions. By doing so he is able to help patients improve their overall health and avoid later issues.

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Call Today & Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation: 888-310-6771

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