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Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills

With more than 25 years experience practicing cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi has established himself as the premiere cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, and an authoritative expert and pioneer in the field. His work has been featured on high profile TV programs such as Extreme Makeover, 10-Years Younger, Entertainment Tonight & Oprah to name a few. He has also appeared as an expert commentator on news programs such as CBS News, CNN, KTLA morning news and KABC.

If you are interested in improving your appearance with porcelain veneers, dental implants, tooth whitening or other treatments, you are no doubt looking for a dentist who has extensive experience and a track record of delivering, natural and beautiful looking results. Ask any of his patients and they will tell you, with a smile, that top Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, is the dentist you want to see.

A unique perspective

“When I look at a person and they smile, I don’t just see what’s there right now,” says Dr. Maddahi. “I see everything that their smile could be, if it were perfect. And then I figure out how to make it so.” It sounds easy, but the expertise that gives Dr. Maddahi that kind of confidence comes not just from a dental school education or even advanced training. The ability to “see the beautiful smile that is hidden by years of the usual traumas of living and indifferent dental care,” says Maddahi, is a gift that it took him some time to realize was not shared by everyone. The ability to create the smile that he sees? That’s the result of years of exploring dental materials, technology and innovation and always looking for better ways to improve a smile.

How does Maddahi define “better?” “In this case, ‘better’ means safer, more comfortable, and faster. “I’m always looking for ways to make changes in a person’s smile that will give them that perfect, natural result. I want to use technology to make it comfortable for the person. Dentistry doesn’t have to hurt. And no one wants to spend weeks or months waiting to be able to chew and talk comfortably.”

The result of Dr. Maddahi’s relentless search for “better” has led to the creation of a world-class dental practice, dedicated to the art and science of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Luxury in Dentistry: One of a kind Beverly Hills Dental Spa

Luxury in Dentistry

Going to the dentist shouldn’t have to be stressful or uncomfortable. The minute you arrive at Dr. Maddahi’s office in Beverly Hills, you’ll recognize that it is unlike any other dental practice you have ever been to. By creating a comfortable, relaxed and spa-like environment, we offer patients a unique opportunity to address their dental care needs in a setting that is truly tranquil and luxurious.

A personal touch

Beyond technology and skill, what truly sets Dr. Maddahi apart is his unparalleled commitment to quality and compassion for his patients. His success in the field of cosmetic dentistry is a testament to the pride he takes in his work – an increasingly rare quality in this day in age.

When asked how he feels about his profession Dr. Maddahi says “Have you ever met someone who doesn’t take great joy in making others smile? I get to experience that joy each and every day. Best of all I have the privilege of helping people to be proud of their smile.”

A unique approach

Unfortunately, some cosmetic dentists tend to apply the same approach to every patient that walks through their doors. This kind of cookie-cutter treatment can lead to patients receiving improper treatment that doesn’t address their needs, doesn’t last and, even worse, can actually lead to new dental problems.

Working closely with each patient, Dr. Maddahi fashions a personalized treatment plan that is perfectly suited to their teeth and will actually address the issues they want to resolve.

Some dental practitioners make the mistake of simply giving the patient what they ask for without truly examining each tooth for themselves. Patients often come to Dr. Maddahi interested in veneers, implants or crowns but more often than not patients actually require a combination of two or even all three of these treatments in order to properly address their teeth, with lasting results.

With Dr. Maddahi, you can be sure that you will receive the care that your teeth need and that Dr. Maddahi will never begin work without first conducting and in-depth analysis of your teeth and then creating a detailed treatment plan.

Experience the best in modern day dental technology

Dr. Maddahi has a full suite of cutting-edge technology at his disposal, to make restorative dental work precise, painless and comfortable. In addition Dr. Maddahi uses an exclusive, world-class lab that creates dental restorations his exacting specifications, from the highest-quality dental materials available.

You can rest assured that any custom dental work performed by Dr. Maddahi will be done in a manner that fits you perfectly, looks beautiful and is sure to last. You’ll have plenty of reason to smile, and best of all, you’ll be proud to let people see you doing so.

Dr. Maddahi’s Rapid Smile Transformations

With most dentists, building a new smile can take weeks, or even months to fully complete, as most dental offices aren’t equipped to handle comprehensive cases in a short period of time.

Dr. Maddahi’s patients tend to be busy people – Executives, celebrities and people who can’t afford spend weeks or months out of commission while they wait for their dental work to be finished. It’s not surprising, then, that most of the innovation that Dr. Maddahi has brought to his office is designed to enable him to provide his patients with excellent dental restorations, rapidly and without error.

Dr. Maddahi’s office is the only place where a patient can arrive on a Monday and by Friday enjoy a fully reconstructed smile. In the case of patients who only require a partial reconstruction or more minor cosmetic work, Dr. Maddahi is often able to complete all work just a few days – start to finish.

Dr. Maddahi has structured his office to provide care in a manner that is convenient for his patients – according to their desires and their schedules. For entertainers in the spotlight, patients from out of town and others with time-sensitive needs, he is able to provide a tailored treatment plan that transforms their smile in just a few days.

By achieving consistently beautiful results in a fraction of the time other dentists require, Dr. Maddahi has earned himself an international reputation as a top cosmetic dentist.

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“I was looking for the best dentist in the world and I found Dr. Maddahi”

Artist. Craftsman. Wizard. Genius. These are the words you’ll hear when you ask Dr. Kourosh Maddahi’s patients to describe him. Most will admit that they wouldn’t normally use these kinds of terms to describe their dentist, but they insist that in Maddahi’s cause such praise is truly merited.

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The Maddahi Guarantee

Dr. Maddahi offers a unique one-year guarantee on all crowns and veneers. This means you’ll have the chance to live with your new teeth for twelve whole months, to make sure they’re perfect, and you won’t have to worry about getting costly changes or repairs if for any reason you are unhappy with them.